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Covid19-Global Debt and the Great Reset

Will 2021 usher in a new world order under the pseudonym Covid-19; or is there a more urgent agenda to reconstruct the current paradigm using the tools pertinent to social engineering as we enter the age of Aquarius? What is painfully clear in the context of global economic viability is, the current economic, financial, geopolitical […]

What happens when you consume VK Platinum!

When you ingest VK Platinum beverage here is what happens, your first biological reaction is whoa, then as the liquid circulates throughout the body via the stomach, foreign pathogens begin at once to flee the area in which the liquid has appeared similar to a leech response to salt. Once this occurs, pathogens then seek […]

Covid-19 Opportunities for Go getters and entrepreneurs

March 10th, 2020 has forever changed the world as we knew it, and, has decimated almost every industry in the world; adaptation to the new reality will not be possible for most businesses, including service-based industries which once employed millions of full-time workers. Nothing has prepared the world for such a formidable paradigm shift of […]

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