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Covid19-Global Debt and the Great Reset

Will 2021 usher in a new world order under the pseudonym Covid-19; or is there a more urgent agenda to reconstruct the current paradigm using the tools pertinent to social engineering as we enter the age of Aquarius?

What is painfully clear in the context of global economic viability is, the current economic, financial, geopolitical construct can no longer be sustained by the western architects and managers of the world of yesterday.

A new geopolitical formation is occurring, and with such change emerging, so to must the economic order, unsustainable debt levels encumbered by all nations of the earth has shattered the western ideas of manageable debt, but more importantly is the fact that all western nations have endeavored to act of overreach, and that overreach included.

  • Financially suicidal instruments in the form of derivatives
  • Excessive money printing while offering savers low interest rates.
  • Global dominance through western global organization such as the IMF, World Bank, Bank of international settlements, the club of Rome, The Bilderberg Organization, The International Criminal Court, NATO, World Trade Organization, The World Health Organization, The UN Security Council, council on foreign relations, and many more were created and designed by Western Architects to achieve unfathomable power, control, and world dominance indefinitely.
  • Usurp the resources of all nonwestern nations for its own enrichment, while denying these nations the ability to develop through the use of its own resources, manpower via its unique cultural norms and evolution.
  • Control of education, governmental structures, national currencies, and all infrastructural necessities required to build, manage, innovate, protect, and sustain natural development growth.

These factors mirror a more ominous challenge facing the Western construct and its ever-mounting national debts and growing despotism, in fact, every single Western nation qualifying as former and current colonialist, are deeply in debt, the likes of which has not been experienced in its history, leading to its ultimate demise.

Developed nations such as China and Russian, each with its own development paradigms which include China’s belt and road initiatives which will greatly increase its ability to project wealth and power which also include dozens of related projects of magnitude guaranteed to project China far into the future, while Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union, Nord Stream 2, and its focus upon self-sufficiency will undoubtedly hasten a weakened Western paradigm which clearly must be discarded, not reinvigorated.

So, in essences, it is the Western world who is in need of a great reset, this is the western world’s only way to survive the global paradigm shift eastward vs. the self-destructing Western surreptitious paradigm in play today.

Developing and third world nations

The irony of developing nations, are their fragile economic capacities compared to developed nations, including the rules set forth by the larger economies regarding the subjective and often abusive nature of interaction between these nations.

Equity and good faith are never a premise in which a former colonialist is willing to consider when negotiating economic topics of importance with developing nations, instead, a position of uncompromising strength is the only discussion of compromise in which they are interested in engaging.

Now how does this odious construct affect developing nations with regard to the global pandemic?

Firstly, western nations do not offer something without expecting something greater in return, and therefore any third world or developing nation who chooses to develop through the assistance of its former colonial rulers, will never achieve any meaningful results of any consequence, however the reverse is more likely.

This brings us to the main paradox of this unfolding saga, and to add Further factual context, there is an unbroken rule of western policy, former colonial rulers never seek to develop its former colonies, and therefore reeks of suspicion in terms of its readiness to vaccinate entire nations, and as we all know, a former colonialist will always opt to enrich itself on other’s misery, so to think that the former colonialist cares about the welfare of any former colony without an identified advantage is naive and grossly uninformed considering the long history of abuse towards these nations.

Debt the tool to rule. 

In geopolitics what goes on behind the scenes often determine the fate of developing nations regarding support of any type from Western or Eastern developed nations, here is where the truth begins, this pandemic has a much greater agenda behind it which is not perceived by those who cannot read into the fine print of the new world orders global agenda to remake the world into its new technology driven image, and this global vaccination agenda is paramount to it.

It is well known that many developing nations as well as third world nations are deeply indebted to developed nations, and a deal made to these nations by developed nations to either greatly reduce their debt or remove it all together for something more inviting, will be accepted by most if not all the developing world. Even though the risk of receiving these untested substances carry known and unknown dangers, many nations will accept this demonstrable trade off in exchange for the deal that is placed on the table by the developed nations, even though many of these nations cannot afford to vaccinate their entire nations population. This is the suspicion, developed nations will not make interest free loans to assist these nations’ development, but they will vaccinate the entire nation for free? Not a chance, corporate profits and the outcome is all that matters.

Whatever the outcome, the scenario presented must be considered, and with this analysis in mind, one will have to choose to be injected with a foreign substance of unknown origin into one’s body, only to endure what comes afterwards bad or good, to suffer a faith in which no medical help will be offered in kind, is in fact barbaric and anti-human at its very core by any measure.

Humanity has now arrived at the crossroads of no return, do you receive this injection and soon thereafter return to a normal life whatever that means, or accept a faith unimaginable, I am not a religious person, but this event closely resembles revelations 14:9-13:17 regarding the mark of the beast, there is also a quote that suggests (never waste a crisis) Machiavelli, each person will now have to choose their fate do or don’t, and make no light of this fact, you will eventually have to choose, this destination is where the rulers of this world has led us all to.

This world hobbles on the precipice of self-annihilation through its own doing, the arrogance, the need to reduce the earths human populations, and the relentless conflict between nations, presents a clear outcome which serves only the interests of the architects of this deeply damaged world.

What direction will you take?

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