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What happens when you consume VK Platinum!

When you ingest VK Platinum beverage here is what happens, your first biological reaction is whoa, then as the liquid circulates throughout the body via the stomach, foreign pathogens begin at once to flee the area in which the liquid has appeared similar to a leech response to salt. Once this occurs, pathogens then seek out a safe haven amongst the tissues, organs, and related internal structure within the body as to avoid the VK Platinum liquid concentrate.

However, it is important to continue a proportionate intake of VK Platinum consistently after the first one ounce shot or more every two hours to enable thorough circulation of the liquid to every circulatory pathway of your internal environment to allow the rapid proliferation of specialized cellular production which will rapidly increase the neutralization and termination of pathogens.

VK Platinum works as a 10 X botanical cleanser, detoxifier, purge, and alkalinizing agent without an intestinal reaction. Strong mucus discharge is often experienced dependent upon where mucus is concentrated, especially in the respiratory system including the throat, nose, mouth, and eyes.

The blood will begin to flow a little faster when VK Platinum is consumed as the Armoracia, Capsicum, Allium, Zingiberaceae, Cymbopogon, and the Leptospermum forms into a broad cluster of anti-parthenogenic plant compounds which create an intensely hostile environment for pathogens.

The developing bodily conditions are now in full reaction to both VK platinum, and the neutralization of pathogens, there may be some discomfort experienced, however, consistency is especially important at this stage of introducing VK Platinum into your body.

Consuming an exclusively healthy nutritional intake of fresh fruits and vegetables uncooked is also extremely helpful to the body at this stage, why? Because the body does not need to be encumbered with digesting overly process foods, especially animal products. Your bodies eleven systems must singularly be guided towards the neutralization and termination of pathogens throughout its entire biology.

Clean water is also essential throughout this process, the best options in quality water selection are the following types and use.

  • Pure Spring Water for Drinking
  • Quality Distilled water for cooking
  • Alkaline water sparingly to support alkalinization process of the VK Platinum botanical compound clusters.

Now let us look at what VK Boost does once it is consumed one hour after your intake of VK Platinum, VK Boost feed the specialized cells produced by the liver and spleen assisted by the thymus gland blood cleansing work.

Cells such as macro phages which remove dead pathogens and other unwanted particles from the blood is paramount throughout this process as debris must be cleansed out of the blood stream ASAP, while microphages are cells located in the immune system that are involved in the destruction of bacteria and organisms that are unnecessary or harmful to the body.

Although microphages and macrophages perform the same main function of ingesting harmful material, they differ in both size, numbers, and life span. Of the two, microphages are much smaller, hence the prefix “micro-”, and live only for a few days as compared to macrophages, who tend to live up to several months. Microphages are also present in much larger numbers than macrophages.

VK Boost enable both macrophages and microphages production greatly enhanced through the highly dense bio available nutrients contained in the VK Boost formula, which contains one hundred and twenty-seven plant species from across the earth’s entire biosphere, thus empowering the cells with the botanical DNA compounds millions of years older than contemporary pathogens capacities to with stand or resist.

Converting to a truly healthy lifestyle is the key to optimum health and glorious living, however, food alone is not the answer, but an entire lifestyle that decreases excessive activities endemic in the chaotic values of the modern world of mundane values.

We must learn to quiet the mind of all fears, stimuli, survival ism, entertainment, consumption, materialism, vanity, anger, ignorance and all manner of self-inflicted pain, damage, and misery at its origin. This new state of being vs. the new normal which constitutes total bondage is a choice in which we will all be required to choose from.

VK Platinum and VK Boost is a natural response to the chaos and madness engulfing our world, be wise and take action now, time is no longer an ally.


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