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Covid-19 Opportunities for Go getters and entrepreneurs

March 10th, 2020 has forever changed the world as we knew it, and, has decimated almost every industry in the world; adaptation to the new reality will not be possible for most businesses, including service-based industries which once employed millions of full-time workers.

Nothing has prepared the world for such a formidable paradigm shift of this magnitude in less than one year, but more importantly, authorities are currently concocting legislation which is intended to force the earth’s human and animal populations to accept highly questionable vaccines.

Millions of people are now unemployed, with millions more on the verge of being evicted from their homes and living spaces particularly in the USA, the country which brags of being the most advanced, most prosperous, most opportunities, most powerful, yet cannot care for its own population with its wealth and world status.

The current election season with all of its issues, has morphed into a vast landscape of chaos, violence, crime, hatred, lawlessness, riots, and looting at levels never seen before, while entire industries are collapsing all around us leaving millions destitute.

This is the new USA today; can we fully comprehend where we are at this dispensation in time?

Making matters worse, there is current thought that one’s employment as well as other life essentials could be denied to those who will not accept vaccinations, with increasing indications of enforcement through detainment, violence, and quarantine via the police state in America, as well as other regions of the world but particularly Europe and Asia, signals that a great reset in humanities construct is destined to be.

Is it possible that this entire saga is planned and orchestrated? It said that millionaires do not need astrology, but billionaires do, the question now is, what do billionaires see that we do not?

Each and every event as it unfolds one after the other appears to add fuel to the bigger fire engulfing the USA; could this cohort of forces usher in a pre-determined outcome of its desires?

Today, how many amongst us has the ability to exact keen observation, open mindedness, thorough research without bias or prejudice, connect the factual dots, regardless of its revelations, to curtail these unfolding events impact upon our lives, we who dare look deeper must envisage this real threat to our wellbeing absent of lethargic tendencies, are willing to devise a well thought out plan of actions constructed to yield the best results for each of our posterities in the eye of the current storm?

And if we can, what is the intended outcome we desire; it is at this point, where the thinking person must immediately draw the line of discernment predicated upon concrete actions taken immediately, based solely upon the chaos and turmoil prominence in the times of which we live.

Now, include the fact that the country is absolutely insolvent financially while collapsing economically; then the question again postulates, is this the looting and leaving precursor to the collapse for the elite?

This is the world in which we all now live; the most important next thought is what can we do under these mitigating circumstances to survive and thrive?

There are many actions in which the individual may implement such as plans of action for self-preservation, however, in this post we will focus our attention primarily onto the 10 X entrepreneur movement in the age of the covid19 paradigm shift.

It has been said that where there are great problems, there are also great opportunities, and there is no more appropriate time in history to internalize this truth than right now.

So where are the opportunities?

As an entrepreneur, author, inventor, world traveler and eternal student, my fifty seven springs upon this earth has shown me many events in which I was required to learn and grow from, some of which involved entrepreneurial activities, and the most important lesson learned was this, multiple streams and sources of income properly invested in assets which increase in value while generating more income is perhaps the most advantageous position a thinking person can create for themselves in this world at this dispensation in time.

As such a position opens the doors of access to anything or anyone in this world one may need or require, including sacred knowledge unavailable to the masses, such a lifestyle affords the fulfillments in this world for the thinking person.

Throughout the 10 X entrepreneur movement, there is a foundational principle which expresses the value of commitment to applying ten times the effort to your work, which would guarantee your success verses others who would not commit to such an effort, and here is where we will begin the sharing of opportunities in the age of covid19.

Where are the opportunities today?

They are everywhere, in everything, and amongst everyone:

  • People need to earn money or stable income streams ASAP
  • Provide this service for as many categories as possible to people who will act upon your offer if you as an entrepreneur can reach these target audiences
  • Network with other entrepreneurs and share email list, text numbers, and other communication tools to target the right prospects
  • Use social media ads such as Facebook, IGTV, Tik Tok, or YouTube to locate your prospects
  • Create an effective high quality 30 second television commercial in your local market, exactly like the law firms do, they are not as expensive as one would think, especially if you have created the commercial professionally with your own resources before advertising
  • The greatest boost of your message will be broadcast television, digital cable networks, Radio, and finally social media campaigns
  • People need to develop new skills in the new economy
  • Go to UDEMY.com to learn every new skill needed in the new economy for under $20 dollars during sales discount days, these skills are then certified
  • Go to Skillshare to learn new skills needed for the new economy as well
  • Go to Fiverr to market your skills, you may also market your skills on Skillshare, Udemy, and other platforms as well and earn passive income
  • Learn how to earn and acquire crypto currencies as assets
  • Learn how to get into the Gig economy
  • Advertise your skills on sites like Craigslist
  • Start a business no matter how small, get started now
  • Build business lines of credit ASAP
  • Learn Blockchain technology
  • Be an apprentice at a business to develop new skills for the new economy
  • Build a simple savings investment micro-portfolio of assets such as Gold, Silver, Crypto currencies, and cash
  • Utilize your contacts and connections to gain access to that which you need, and ask others who have contacts and connections to help you, put all pride aside
  • Partner with like minds and build together
  • People need freedom of movement free of sickness
  • Go to PlatinumVk.com to obtain the finest Immune system builder products in the world
  • Obtain a proper exempt from vaccinations
  • Eat healthy, exercise, get plenty of fresh air and sunshine outside, drink and cook with clean water such as spring or distilled
  • Keep your passport up to date and ready for use
  • Live a wholesome lifestyle absent of vices, addictions, or destructive thoughts and behavior
  • Stay away from degenerate people on all levels (Read the 48 laws of power)
  • People need quality nutrition for health and a robust immune system
  • Books everyone must read pertaining to nutrition, Mucusless diet by Arnold Ehrets/Become Younger by Dr. Norman Walker/ Rational Fasting Arnold Ehrets/ Dr. Sebi Health Teachings/Plantinumvk Products, eBook, Podcast, and Videos
  • Join or start food cooperatives
  • Start creating food gardening and cooperative community gardens ASAP
  • Relocate to safe warmer climates of the world and build a healthy sustainable lifestyle
  • Learn how to identify, harvest, and use wild nutritional useful plants
  • People need housing which can be bartered for skills others need in cooperative bartering developed system ASAP
  • Build your own home, also consider pre constructed home kits of all types which are affordable and long lasting on land that you own.
  • Team up with a group to build your own home cooperatively
  • Relocate to another country where land is cheaper, then buy and build.
  • Explore your vast options, but take action now

People must have protection from forced vaccinations

  • Though this topic is open for reason, it is important to take every legal action to protect yourself from forced vaccinations period, particularly if you are opposed to vaccinations in this age of uncertainty
  • Relocate to nations which do not use such tactics as forced vaccinations which are compatible with your needs
  • People need quality food and clean water in preparation of eventual disasters 
  • Prepare your sources of clean water and quality food now, identify your sources and secure them individually or collectively and do it now
  • Allocate necessary resources to secure your quality food and quality water sources even if purchasing a high-quality water distiller and organic bulk dry foods is within your budget, do it, but do it now
  • People need protection from criminals, bandits, and hoodlums taking advantage of mask wearing
  • Learn how to fight using tactics to incapacitate your opponent quickly
  • Learn how to use improvised weaponry
  • Learn how to use multiple firearms
  • Learn field guide military weaponry strategies
  • Keep your body healthy and flexible for the long haul, you will need it
  • Learn how to use surveillance and counter surveillance
  • The key is learning how to keep yourself safe and not live amongst degenerates but remain fully prepared for the unexpected while testing your preparedness regularly

The most important factor here is this; your health is so especially important and key to your success, that at no time must the imperative of optimum health and wellbeing be allowed to escape your attention or care. In life there will be countless events, circumstances, and situations which will challenge the delicate balance of how you attend to yourself, and as with any turn in life, we will be faced with unknowable conditions which may very well tip the balance of our lives, this moment then becomes the pivot of many years of discipline, and as such, requires disciplined resourcefulness anchored through our unshakable values.

If we have learned anything during this unstable age of change, is the importance of a robust immune system, sanitary lifestyle, as well as attention to detail to protect ourselves in any way we can, look at the most popular search terms of 2020 populating the search engines today:

• Immune system

• Immune support

• Immune booster

• Immune support supplement

• Immune defense

• Immune system booster

• Immune support for kids

• Immune support vitamins

• Immune support powder

• Strong immune support to kill virus

• Virus killer immune support

• Virus protection

• Immune support in health

• Airborne immune support

• Immune support

• Immune plus

• Immune support tea

• Virus update

• Immune response

• Pandemic influenza immune

• Build boost immune system

What better indicator of rapid change is there than now to acknowledge the national chaos we are all witnessing right now? so adapt, adjust, and improve your methodologies for optimum health long term in gratitude going forward, the real challenges are ahead of us all.

People are now wide awake as to the seriousness of safeguarding our most precious asset, which is health, and without it nothing else can ever be realized in this life.

Our world has changed right before our eyes, now we must make the mental transition and adapt to the current reality by forging an advantageous position for ourselves right away, as there is no more time for futile procrastination, that is if you would like to remain on the planet.

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